relax, girl! You Got This
Make high school fun and stress-free 
You've got your locker assignment, class schedule, and ASB card. This high school thing is getting real. 
You're stepping into new territory. New school, different friend groups, harder classes, higher expectations.... Cue panic attack.
But, what if it didn't have to be that way? What if you could rock this high school gig stress-free and confident?
Now you can!
With her straight-forward talk and easy-to-follow advice, Michelle A. Hansen gives you the tools to make the transition to high school painless and fun. You will learn how to release your fears, ditch stress and anxiety, set personal boundaries, and play to your strengths while transforming your goals into a vision for you future. 
After years of teaching and coaching high school students, Michelle dishes secrets from the other side of the desk, so you can master this high school game before the bell rings on the first day. 
High school can be tough. You are tougher. 
 Secret #1: A Simple System to Get Better Grades
 Secret #2: Easy Strategies to Live a Stress-Free Life
 Secret #3: The ONE Thing Every Girl Needs to Know to Stay Safe in High School and Beyond.
If you're struggling with school stress, social anxiety, friend drama or mean-girl bullying, you are not alone! This book teaches you how to find happiness no matter what your circumstances are right now. 
Here's A Summary of What You Will Get:
Secret #1: A Simple System to Get Better Grades
Learn how to organize yourself to A's with ease in a few minutes a day. 
Secret #2: Easy Strategies to Live a Stress-Free Life
Learn five proven strategies to release stress and anxiety in minutes. 
Secret #3: The ONE THING Every Girl Needs to Know
Learn the ONE secret every girl needs to know to stay safe in high school and beyond.
"I liked learning how to cope with stress--how it can affect you mentally and physically." --Karyme, age 15

"The most important thing I learned was that I am in control of my own happiness and emotions." --Marissa, age 16

"You will see things in different perspectives and learn things that can and will make your life so much easier." --Emilee, age 14
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Michelle A. Hansen
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